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Canadian-Made Quality Machines

We manufacture reliable, heavy-duty, portable bandsawmills for farmers, entrepreneurs and land owners.

FARMHAWK™ 24” Electric Start Portable Bandsawmill

The FARMHAWK™ is our most popular model among farmers, small entrepreneurs and land owners. It can handle small and large jobs with speed and accuracy. The standard FARMHAWK™ is a stationary ground model and can saw logs up to 24" in diameter of any length. This is possible because our design allows as many extra carriage units as necessary to be added to the assembly. The standard carriage length is 20 ft. allowing cutting of logs of 16 ft. long.

Canadian Made Quality

The FARMHAWK™ is entirely manufactured in our shop. Simplicity is the key. The FARMHAWK™ is a "no frills mill” with no complex or expensive hydraulic systems, and all parts built strong enough to exceed their purpose. The strict engineering and manufacturing ensures excellent cut precision and boards as thin as 1/8" can be cut easily. The FARMHAWK™ powder-coated design is impervious to the climate, so it can be left outside on a permanent basis with a minimum of precautions.

Many optional features are available, such as additional carriage units. Unsure if you need one of our optional FARMHAWK™ accessories? Please contact PG Saw & Fabricating today.

FARMHAWK™ 24 Bandsawmill

  • Base price: $6,995.00
  • Made in Prince George, BC
  • 14HP Kohler electric start engine
  • 24” diameter cut
  • 20’ stationary track
  • 4 log bunks/dogs
  • 5 cross members
  • 2 blades
  • Water tank
  • Powder coated mills
  • Heavy-duty unibody design
  • Real bandwheels
  • Roller guides
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Super accurate ACME thread setworks
  • Heavy duty carriage wheels
  • Easy to use tensioner
  • Cut as thin as 1/16” kerf width

Optional Accessories

  • Trailer Package $2,995.00
  • 10’ Trailer Extension $1,595.00
  • 20HP Option $1,495.00
  • Power Set Works $1,299.00
  • Power Feed $2,495.00
  • Sharpener $1,599.00
  • Saw Tooth Setter $995.00
  • Extra Rail Kit 10’ $799.50
  • Saw Blades $35.00 each

**All prices and specs subject to change without notice. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

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