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Canadian-Made Quality Machines

We manufacture reliable, heavy-duty portable bandsawmills for farmers, entrepreneurs and land owners.

Blade Sharpening & Portable Bandsaw Manufacturing in Prince George

In addition to our Canadian-made portable bandsawmills and related accessories, PG Saw & Fabricating in Prince George also offer a range of industrial services including:

  • Portable bandsaw blade manufacturing
  • Bit and blade Sharpening
  • Carbide sharpening
  • High speed steel sharpening
  • Router bits sharpening
  • Planer blade sharpening
  • Bandsaw blade sharpening
  • Circular saw blade sharpening

Repair or Replace?

Just because a cutting tool is dull doesn’t mean that that it’s ready for the garbage. Bring your used blades, bits and carbide tooling in to PG Saw & Fabricating and we can tell you if they need to be repaired or replaced. If a carbide-toothed blade has jammed in a cut and lost some of its carbide, we can replace the inserts and have your blade back in production as soon as possible. We also sharpen bandsaw blades, high speed steel drills and augers, and all shapes and sizes of router bits.

Bring your old tooling to PG Saw & Fabricating and see how we can help get your shop back to top productivity.

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