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Canadian-Made Quality Machines

We manufacture reliable, heavy-duty, portable bandsawmills for farmers, entrepreneurs and land owners.

HAWKMILL™ 30” 20HP Portable Bandsawmill

The HAWKMILL™ is one of the simplest, most effective mills on the market today. This sawmill is built to work hard and last for years with a minimal amount of servicing. The heavy-duty powder coated design provides a machine that will stand the test of the elements. The HAWKMILL™ is designed with three qualities in mind: accuracy, durability and simplicity. The first HAWKMILL™ was built in 1979 and our continued commitment to high-quality workmanship and simple, effective design have made the HAWKMILL™ one of the oldest portable bandsawmills in production for public sale.

Improved Functionality with Accessories

Browse the selection of accessories available for the HAWKMILL™. Each is designed to improve a specific aspect of the mill’s functionality, from a more powerful engine to a trailer package for easy transportation. Unsure if you need one or more of the optional accessories? Contact PG Saw & Fabricating today.

HAWKMILL™ 30 Bandsawmill

  • Base price: $14,500.00
  • Made in Prince George, BC
  • 20HP engine
  • 30” diameter cut
  • 20’ track stationary
  • Double V-belt drive
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • 18" Dia. Cast steel/vulcanized bandwheels
  • Guide bearings HD high speed/high pressure
  • Main bearings HD high speed conical
  • Heavy-duty square tubing construction
  • Cross members/log bunks
  • Log dogs
  • Leveling jacks
  • Water lube system
  • Water tank
  • 5 blades included
hawkmill bandsaw mill

Optional Accessories

  • 24HP engine $599.00
  • Power feed $2,495.00
  • 20’ trailer package $3,950.00
  • Roll-out trailer extension $1,995.00
  • Extra blades $48.00 each
  • 20’ rail and bunk set stationary $1,950.00

**All prices and specs subject to change without notice. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

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